Simple Hands

Simple Hands

The Simple Hands project contains a straight forward simple setup to specify per object hand poses. Using the blueprints available in the project you can have any object in your level with a custom hand pose that gets automatically updated and used in your animation blueprint. The project comes with an easy setup using a pickup component that you can drop in your motion controller actor.

NOTE: Although the project provides with components and actors to easily be plugged into any other project it requires an initial setup. The project comes with tutorials on how you can get the Simple Hands implementation running using your own motion controller actors.



  • Per-object hand poses customisation
  • Easy setup with tutorials
  • Example map and assets
  • Organised and easy to understand blueprints


If you have any question about the project, you want to report a bug or need any kind of support email me at the email address you can see at the top of the page.



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