VR Force Grab System + VR Inventory System

VR Force Grab System + VR Inventory System

Using the force grab system you can easily add an object to your scene that can be picked up from a distance. Each object can be fully customised so that the pickup action feels as natural as possible and you can specify hand poses for each object. The integration of the system is simple thanks to a single component to drop in your pawn which requires minimal code to function. Getting up and running it's easy thanks to the tutorials included.


Using the VR Inventory system you can easily manage, store and retrieve in-game items. The inventory system offers two separate and independent inventory solutions, one is the wrist slots and the other is an inventory menu. The two are completely independent of each other so that you could use both or either if needed. You can easily customise how the inventory looks and behaves thanks to exposed variables on the main actor blueprints.


NOTE: This product is a combination of the two system available as separate products. If you are planning to integrate both into your own game/application this is the ideal product as it's build so that both systems work together.



  • Full inventory system implementation
  • Full force grab pick up system implementation
  • Easy setup
  • Fully commented and organised blueprints
  • Example map and assets
  • Animated hand with object-based hand poses
  • Tutorials


If you have any question about the project, you want to report a bug or need any kind of support email me at the email address you can see at the top of the page.



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