Bow and Arrow Update 2

In this video we keep improving the bow and arrow implementation by adding a bow animation and sounds.

Bow and Arrow Update

With this tutorial we improve the bow handling so that it can be controlled with both hands.

Bow and Arrow

Playing around with a bow and arrow in VR is definitely cool. Take a look at how it could be implemented.

Macro Timeline

The macro in this project works like a timeline that you can drag and drop in your blueprint. I use it a various projects and it's amazing.

Foreach Loop with Delay

This is a handy blueprint snippet I ended up needing in a few projects and I am happy to share it with you.

3D Widget in VR

How do you set up a 3D menu for VR? Here's a simple example you can use.

VR Pickup object from distance

How do you get started in implementing a pickup object from distance system? This video may help you with that. It's a simple system resembling the RecRoom pickup object system. Hope you enjoy :-)

VR Interactive Watch Menu

Let's create an interactive watch menu with some cool 3D buttons that actually do stuff. Enjoy!!!!

A Fisherman's Tail Crane

I loved and enjoyed playing a Fisherman's Tail. It's full of really fun interactions all very well implemented. I implemented a crane controlled by a control panel with levers just for fun. The levers implementation come from the VR Content Examples project.


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