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Wipe'em out AR


Wipe'em out AR is an AR arcade mini-game built in UE 4.20. Some of the game features are the following:


 - Horizontal plane detection

 - Procedural plane generation to represent the detected planes for the user

 - Plane selection 

 - Procedural world generation

 - Simple and dynamic AI using pathfinding 

 - Random enemies spawn waves

 - Complete game loop


Even though the application offers a full game experience (the main menu, playing the game and a game-over state) please keep in mind that it was built in only three days of work. Wipe'em out AR was merely built to showcase what I can do with UE 4.20 and AR therefore you may encounter random bugs in the game. 

Download the game

For questions about the game, or even if you just want to say hi, don’t hesitate to get in touch.